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At Elliot Labs,

We offer computer consulting services that fit all environments, from residential to business and enterprise needs. Our expertise ranges from network installation to computer forensics and design. If you need a new server for your office or you need an efficient and secure way of handling your storage- let our technicians revolutionize your workspace.

Residential Solutions

Elliot Labs offers residential computer services. Do you need to have your printer fixed? Does your computer have a virus? Is your computer running slow? Whatever your ailment we have a solution.

Commercial Solutions

Keep your business secure and have your systems work for you in a more efficient way. From internal file storage systems to repair and advancing your infrastructure, we have the expertise to make your business work smarter, not harder!

Network Solutions

Do you need to upgrade to a wireless network? Updating these systems can be a major hassle, especially if you’re office or home is large and you have too many obstacles in your router’s path to make a solid connection. Let us consult with you today, to provide you with the most effective way of keeping you on the internet.

Web Solutions

Offer your clients the ability to use their web browser or web services to complete their objective. Whether it is for an ecommerce, ticketing, web site or knowledge base, you can rest assured that our expertise can design and implement a stellar system that meets the needs of your organization! You are only limited by your imagination, so think big and we can materialise your vision.