Thank You!

I would like to say thank you for allowing me to serve you and become who I am today. Below are some of the highlights.

ELADS – Elliot Labs Automation Deployment System

This project was started years ago when I was in highschool. I was getting tired of manually re-imaging computers so I started building a toolkit based upon MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit).

The initial build were successful and it was integrated into daily operations at Elliot Labs.

Years down the road after I was starting to get larger clients, it was deployed to various client networks.


The Elliot Labs Systems Administration Automation project was born from the need to have less busy work with the Elliot Labs Cloud Fabric. After deploying various servers to clients, the need arose to make it generic and extensible so it was re-written and deployed to clients that have custom servers.

The original logo (to the left) that I used for Elliot Labs was a piece of clipart from the Office XP/2003 suite. I loved aero space and wanted to have that style of logo. You can see those design influences in later logos.


The Elliot Labs Spigot Automatic Updater was born because of the ELMC (Elliot Labs Minecraft) server. The spigot project mandated updates within a certain amount of time or else the currently running server would stop working. The server kept growing and the need for administration kept increasing. So I created an automated update system in PowerShell that runs on Windows as none existed at the time that was able to safely stop the server.

The second logo (to the left) I used for Elliot Labs was a slight variation on the original because I started to learn about copyright.

The Third logo (to the right) followed shortly as I finally fully understood copyright.

I can fully show the images here as they are being used under fair use by my commentary, if you were wondering.


The Elliot Labs Forensics Systems was the most popular (when demoed) and used actively. It was a version of Windows PE that was heavily customised to have a full explorer shell and other apps such as Firefox, EasyBCD, and other apps. It was able to open systems and run various tasks pre boot and extract data. Later versions were able to deploy Windows to the offline system.

Dollar amount of industry worth that were clients.


The final rendetion of the Elliot Labs logo came as a refinement from the big redesign. It was heavily influenced by Material design and strove for simplicity as there was a lot of feedback on the previous logo that it was too busy.


The Elliot Labs Enterprise Resource Planning system was created after the first 10 jobs. The original job invoices were saved on separate styleized Excel workbooks. This was not going to cut it. I then created an excel spreadsheet that tracked invoices/jobs. Later version included customer tracking, a receipt generator, expense tracker and gift card balance system.

A redesign to a native app was planned for some time in the future.