Providing Techinical Excellence for 6 years running!


At Elliot Labs, we offer great solutions to ensure you receive the most out of your devices. From PC to Mac and your mobile devices, we can fix or instruct on any solution. Need a new computer? Let us build you one on your budget. Get the most out of your money, and let us build you a system that matches your needs.

Business and Enterprise Solutions

With new technologies at your disposal, your company can take advantage of many solutions that not only protect you and your clients, but cuts down the time it takes to manage your paper trail. From file storage to building out a system to better manage your business needs. With our services you can stop thinking about Information Technology and focus back on your business.

Networking Solutions

Whether you need us to setup your router, or design an entire hardlined networking system, we know the most effective ways to get the job done in a budget friendly way. We keep updated on current standards to give you peace of mind that your house or business gets the best product to keep your running.

Photography and Videography

Professional photography and videography is necessary for your business and its external appearance. With our services you can make your business shine with high quality photos and video for your promotional and internal materials.